10kw Solar System in Pakistan

The adoption of solar energy solutions has increased dramatically in Pakistan in recent years due to worries about energy precautions, rising electricity charges, and environmental sustainability. Because of their affordability and efficiency, 10kW solar systems have become a popular option among the different solar setups available for both residential and commercial uses. We explore the various 10kW solar system options, their costs, suitable appliances, and overall energy generation in this in-depth guide.

10kw Solar System in Pakistan
10kw Solar System in Pakistan

In order to run your appliances on solar power, you will need a 10kW system if your normal monthly electricity expenditure is between 1100 and 1200 units. You can save a significant amount of money by using net metering to send excess electricity to the national grid if the bill is in the 700–1000 unit range.
Thus, why do you delay? By using solar power instead of conventional electrical methods, you may contribute to improving the quality of life on Earth by utilizing renewable energy.

10kw Solar System Prices In Pakistan

The price of a 10kw solar system depends upon factors such as brand, quality of the Solar Panels and Solar Inverters used.
– On-Grid: The price of a 10kW on-grid solar system in Pakistan typically ranges Rs. 1,150,000/- PKR. These prices can vary depending on factors such as panel quality, inverter capacity and installation costs.
 Off-Grid: Off-grid systems are generally more expensive due to the inclusion of battery storage. The price ranges between approximately PKR 165 per watt and an estimation of PKR 1,550,000 for the complete system. The price, however, depends on the details and the backup requirements.
– Hybrid: Hybrid solar systems offer the benefits of both grid-tied and off-grid setups, making them a cost-effective choice. The price of a 10kW hybrid solar system ranges approximately between PKR 1,600,000 to 2,00,000. These costs include batteries and hybrid inverters.

Appliances Compatible with a 10kW Solar System
A 10kW solar system is suitable for both household and commercial use because it is capable to power a variety of equipment. An average-sized home or small business can have its electricity demands satisfied by a 10kW solar system with the right size and maintenance. The range of machines that can be operated with a 10kW power system is infinite. It can load up to 10,000 watts of electricity, to be exact. Fans, water pumps, lighting systems, air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines are examples of common equipment that can be turned on
Idealy, ten fans, fifteen lights, two washing machines, one refrigerator, LED TV, water pump, and up to four air conditioner or iron can be used at a time. However, be extra careful you use either an air conditioner or iron at a time and not both concurrently.

Solar Inverter Prices in Pakistan
The cost of inverters for 10kW solar systems varies based on factors such as brand, efficiency, type of Solar Panels, quality of Solar Inverters used in the system and warranty of the system. In Pakistan, a high-quality inverter for a 10kW solar system typically ranges from around PKR 350,000 and can go as high as PKR 800,000.

What is the Best Power Generating System?
10kW system is more extensive than 3kW Solar power systems for residential installations which are far more prevalent. Indeed, the 10kW systems are best suited for homes that use a large amount of energy during the day or even business offices that consume around 50kWh of daytime usage. However, they might even be suitable for homes with low energy demand who want to go off the grid.

It’s essential to consider aspects such as, location, budget, grid reliability, and energy demand, while choosing between type of solar system on-grid, off-grid, or hybrid solar systems. An Off-grid configurations enable energy independence in remote locations while on-grid systems save money and simplify operation. Hybrid systems combine the finest features of both worlds, providing flexibility and a steady power source.

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need For Roof Space/Determining Solar Panel Requirements?
The number of solar panels for a 10kW system varies depending on factors like typical sunshine hours, available roof space and panel efficiency. In Pakistan, a 10kW solar system usually requires between 30 and 40 solar panels, each of which has a 250–330 watt capacity. Moreover, capacity and efficiency of the panels in use also determine their number. For example, you will need 26 panels of 380 watts and 18 panels of 510 watts for a 10KW Solar System.

Energy Yield of the 10kW Solar System

A 10kW solar system’s energy generation varies according to location, orientation, shade, and meteorological conditions, among other factors. An appropriately planned and constructed 10kW solar system in Pakistan can provide around 1100 to 1200 units of electricity per month and around 36 to 40 units of electricity per day.
The actual energy production of a 10KW power system varies depending upon many dynamics. A few include the location of panel and climate of the area, which in case of Pakistan is affordable and best suited with summer season in more years than most and in presence of sunlight. Further, the angle and adjustment of the solar panel order also matters, so one must read the instructions and place them appropriately.

In addition, the solar panel arrangement capacity should exactly match the capacity of inverter used. Also, the working of single components like panels and inverters should be known. This way, you can have a knowledge of panels to get the most out of the energy produced.

Benefits of a solar system
Cost Efficient
Sustainable Choice
Low Maintenance Cost
Environment Friendly


In conclusion, 10kW solar systems provide Pakistan with a reliable, steady and environment friendly mean to meet its electricity energy needs. Acquiring solar electricity is not only a sustainable and cost-effective investment over time, but it has also a variety of choices offered in terms of pricing ,profits and other benefits. Using solar energy for business, home, or industrial uses is initiating Pakistan’s door to a more favorable and environmentally friendly future ahead.

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