7kw solar system price in Pakistan

7kW Solar System Prices in Pakistan can be different due to various factors, such as:

1-The system type of Solar System:

There are two types of Solar Systems on-grid and off-grid. On-grid Solar systems do not want batteries hence they are lower in price. On the contrary, off-grid Solar System needs batteries and they are higher in price.

2- The Component’s quality:

It is understood that the quality of your chosen components will affect the 7kW Solar System price in Pakistan. Higher quality components cost hired but they also have a long life.

3- The Installation expense:

The price fluctuates depending on the installation of your Solar System. Generally, the installation prices for on-grid solar systems are higher than the off-grid solar systems. In addition, if the roof of your home is already slanted, the expense of adjusting the roof will be saved and the price will be reduced.

4-The Location:

The location of your building where you want to install the 7 kW Solar System matters a lot. There are some cities where plenty of sunshine is available and higher solar energy can be produced, but in others less sunlight is available and less solar energy can be produced. In a city like Islamabad, the 7KW Solar System is capable of producing 28 units of electrical energy, but in the northern areas, it is not possible to get the same amount of units from the same Solar System. Consequently, the number of solar panels to be installed the first and affects the price of your Solar System.

5- The incentives and tax exceptions by the government:

The government may provide some incentives for the solar systems that cut off the prices of your systems. For example, in an offer called net meeting scheme, you can sell the excess of units produced by the Solar System which serves you as a payback of your expense.

The cost also decreases if the government minus the text on the solar systems and the solar equipment.

But installing a 7kW Solar System is worth it, since it generates a good amount of energy that can be converted into electricity, and consequently saves the electricity bills. So, the one-time expense of installing a 7kW Solar System ensures saving thousands of Rupees, in the long run. Do not hesitate to invest, and investigate the 7kW Solar System price in Pakistan.

7kw solar system price in Pakistan
7kw solar system price in Pakistan

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7kW load Solar System load capacity:

Different solar systems have a different load capacity. Normally, a 7KW Solar System can support a load of 750-900 units of electricity. This load means:

1- Two ACs of 1.5 tons.

2- A refrigerator or freezer.

3- Five fans.

4- Ten lights.

5- An LED TV.

6- A washing machine.

7- An iron.

8- Mobile and laptop chargers.

 How many units does a 7KW Solar System produce?

Typically, a 7KW Solar System produces 30 units of electricity per day. However, the production varies mainly due to the amount of sunlight and slightly because of the other factors.

What’s the lifespan of the 7KW Solar System?

The lifespan of the 7kW Solar System is 25 to 30 years approximately if it is well maintained. The solar panels may become less efficient but they will keep on producing electricity. Additionally, the inverters and some other parts of the Solar System may need replacement or upgrading.

What are the benefits of installing a 7KW Solar System?

There are several benefits you can get after installing the 7KW Solar System including:

1- Less electricity bills:

The biggest benefit of installing the 7KW Solar System is lower electricity bills. As you do not stay dependent on the national grid to get your electricity.

2- Increase the value of your property:

The installation of a Solar System at your place can increase its value by up to 3%.

3- Environment friendly:

Solar energy is clean and converts the sunlight into electricity in a toxic way, therefore it is environment friendly.

4- Backup energy sources:

The solar systems also provide a backup source in case of load-shedding or when sunlight is not available.


Although the 7KW Solar System cost is not a fixed figure since it depends upon various factors, all of those are mentioned above. Our company provides high-quality solar systems and expertise in the installation of them. We provide the best services all across the Pakistan. You can contact us for purchasing, installation, and maintenance of the solar systems. We offer affordable 7KW Solar System prices in Pakistan.



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