150 watt solar panel price in Pakistan

The 150 watt solar panel price in Pakistanis approximately Rs 21,300. It is a high-quality and enduring solar panel system that with a high adeptness for conversion of up to 20%. It has a light weight, it is easily movable, and is designed in a foldable way. This makes it perfect for openair activities such as go camping or mountain climbing. The panel is also flexible and is friendly with diverse solar-powered devices, including RVs, boats, trailers, and other off-grid systems. The installation process is made simplified with pre-drilled holes and MC4 connectors.

Solar System Price in Pakistan
150 watt solar panel price in pakistan

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540 watt solar panel price in Pakistan

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Jinko solar panel price in Pakistan

Jinko Solar is renowned worldwide solar energy manufacturer.  Jinko Solar is a company/brand expert in producing and marketing solar panels and other related equipment.


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